Monday, August 30, 2010

a new post... a year later

Well, I think I have decided to try blogging again. I got kind of burned out on it last year, but maybe I'm now ready for round 2.

New things in my life:

1) I now live in Portland, OR. And I love it! Specifically I live in the the Sellwood neighborhood, which is a great place. I'm in easy walking distance to tons of great restaurants, coffee shops, grocery markets, book stores, bike stores, and more. Plus I have made many friends in the neighborhood through the Adsideo community. And it's less than ten minutes to downtown Portland.

2) I am now attending graduate school. It is a great school called Lewis and Clark College in Portland. I am getting my M.A.T. (Masters of Arts in Teaching) so that I can be a high school teacher. I plan to teach graphic design, and inspire kids to be creative and make cool things. And then I can still freelance graphic design (like I am doing now) on the side and in the summers. Student teaching starts tomorrow!

3) Still doing poetry. Getting better at it. By this I mean I'm writing stuff that is actually what I want to write, is honest, and people still seem to like it.

4) My roommates (Chris Spicer, Luke Montgomery, Jen Clowers) and I are moving into a new house in Sellwood in two days. We are really excited as right now the four of us are living in a two bedroom apartment. There are always at least 2 people sleeping on the floor of the living room. We are having a housewarming party September 25th. Do yourself a favor and be there. Call me for details.

5) Recently read books: On The Road by Jack Kerouac, The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian by Sherman Alexie, and I am now about halfway through Watchmen by Alan Moore.

6) I started a worm composting bin. The right kind of worms can eat a large portion of your food waste, and actually turn it into good composting material. I wanted to do this when I was living in Idaho but never quite did. So now I have done it in Portland. I am nervous that my worms are going to die, I hope I am doing it right.

7) I got a bicycle. You get kicked out of Portland if you don't have one. I like riding it.

8) Single and sassy.

9) Today I am going to have some fun. More blogs to come. I promise.

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